Tuesday, May 24, 2016

What Is Courage?

Courage is having strength of purpose to do one’s best and not swerve from one’s path. It really comes from within a person and shows what a person is really made of. Courage comes from the heart and it can conquer all that comes before you. Do you face life head on? Do you welcome every challenge and see victory as the only outcome? Are you full of valour and fire, defending causes and standing up for what’s right and good?

If so, you sound like you might be a knight. A noble knight, riding out to do battle with the dragon every day of your life and making the way safe and clear for those behind you. It’s exciting and challenging.
But are you a brave knight? Or a courageous one?

What does courage mean? What is the difference between courage and bravery?

First of all, think about what courage might mean. Strength of purpose, to do one’s best and not swerve from one’s path. Integrity - to do battle with the forces of darkness fired up by truth and principle, and dependability to do the right thing. It might mean having the imagination and vision to know what might happen if you do battle, and yet being driven by personal conviction to fight on. It means putting oneself on the line and standing up for what is right and true.

And what about bravery? Does bravery not require the same strength of purpose and integrity? A brave knight shows just as much determination and fortitude, and fights for justice and truth.
In fact, bravery and courage are identical in all respects bar one.

Courage comes from the heart. Quite literally.

Courage is born of love and compassion; it seeks truth and justice because that is what steers the heart and guides it on its true course. Not an external principle adhered to out of blind loyalty.

Courage is what you show on your journey when you face challenge and conflict with the strength that comes from love. It is stronger than fear and it is stronger than death. It can survive anything because although you might falter and stumble, courage is what picks you up again, dusts you down, and sets you doggedly on your path to make a difference and to be the best person that you can possibly be.

Courage is the energy of the truth in your heart. Be guided by courage. It is your companion on your journey to your heart.